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About Us

Argon Risk Ltd is a UK based film and television set security and risk management company specialising in providing the security solution to the film industry in remote and built up locations.

​Argon‘s back office is rich in combined commercial and security experience, which is borne from previous elite military experience and diverse commercial backgrounds. Our goal is to provide our clients with a professional security service, which is easy to arrange and hassle free.

​Our ex-military and commercial security specialists provide a dedicated, client-focused service, delivering non-intrusive security solutions carefully tailored to the sets priorities. Our close protection officers and advisory teams include former UK Special Forces, Royal Marine Commandos and specially selected ex-military personnel; all of whom have undergone situation awareness training bespoke to the film industry, to ensure thorough understanding of life on set and can quickly adapt to their soundings.

​We have extensive experience and a thorough understanding of providing discreet close protection to high profile individuals on set and of the necessary mechanics to ensure the security of all set personnel and equipment.

Maintaining safety at the heart of our operations; we are proud to consistently deliver high standards, on time and on budget.​

Steve Gilchrist served for ten years as a Royal Marines Commando, specialising in weapons, tactics and modern urban combat. Since leaving the Royal Marines Steve has worked in business development for the privet security industry and responsible for the security planning of complex high-risk project delivery.

Gavin Windham
Operation Manager
Gavin Windham served for nine years as a Royal Marines Commando, specialising as a sniper and commando recruit training instructor. Since leaving the Royal Marines Gavin has worked in the privet security industry delivering corporate security and close protection across a vast number of industries.